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Archive | September, 2011

Do accountants monitor cloud usage?

Small businesses and contractor accountants should monitor the way employees use cloud computing systems to make sure they are getting the full benefits of the service, according to Opsview.

Give SMEs a National Insurance tax break says Balls

Accountants may be interested to learn that Ed Balls has called on the government to reverse the VAT increase temporarily and give small businesses a National Insurance tax break for one year if they take on new staff.

Should accountants in London go on a charm offensive?

Maybe accountants in London should consider following the lead of ICAS and go on a charm offensive.

Jail sentence for man who fraudulently claimed £754,000 VAT

Defrauding the Revenue over VAT does not pay as one Wolverhampton man discovered recently.

IR35 investigations yielded just £219,180 last year

Contractor accountants could be forgiven for questioning whether it is really worth HMRC spending so much time and money pursuing IR35 cases when they discover it yielded just over £200,000 from its enquiries last year.

Tax accountants could be in for a busy time

Tax accountants could find themselves in demand following the news that HMRC is to up its attempts to close the tax gap.

Will contractor accountants lose out because of AWR?

Small businesses could be deterred from using contractor accountants when the Agency Workers Regulations are implemented next month.

Cloud computing proves beneficial to accountants in London

The advent of cloud computing has had the most profound impact on finance professionals, such as accountants in London, according to the CEO of Netsuite, Zach Nelson.

Penalties for late filing self-assessment could add up to £1,600

The deadline for filing paper self-assessment income tax forms is the 31st of October and anyone who is unsure of how to complete their form may want to get visit a contractor accountant for help when they learn that the penalty for late filing could be as high as £1,600, even if no tax is due!

Treasury quashes overseas tax avoidance scheme

Accountants may be interested to read that the Treasury has quashed a tax avoidance scheme that exploited Manufactured Overseas Dividends.