Contractor accountants are in demand north of the border

Accountants in Scotland may be interested to know that demand for staff north of the border increased strongly in July.

The latest Bank of Scotland Report on Jobs shows that demand for both permanent and temporary employees increased, although demand for permanent workers was stronger. This could suggest that businesses are recovering well from the recession and launching new projects.

Aberdeen retains its position as a leading hotbed of business activity. Demand for permanent staff and contractor accountants increased at a faster rate than in any other area of the country.

Earlier this year, highlighted Aberdeen as one of the five best placed UK cities to lead the economic recovery. It continually has a high level of employment and an abundance of skilled workers, in part due to the oil industry which has been largely responsible for the city’s boom over the last thirty years.

The Bank of Scotland’s chief economist, Donald MacRae, said that demand for permanent workers has now been on the increase for ten consecutive months. Wage inflation remained solid but did ease slightly in July. And demand for both long term and short term temporary workers showed a marked increase last month, with growth in vacancies now at a three month high.

Meanwhile, Scottish ministers want Holyrood, rather than Westminster, to set the rate of corporation tax in Scotland. During 2009-10, corporation tax in Scotland, excluding that from North Sea Oil, totalled £2.6 billion.

However the ICAS has warned that such a move would bring an added administrative burden to both companies and HMRC and a reduction in Scottish corporation tax could lead to cuts in public services.

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