Mastermind’s accounting skills help police smash drug ring

Whilst HMRC tries to convince small business owners to keep accurate records of their financial transactions, one former Liverpool university business student probably wishes he hadn’t.

Akbar Bukhari used his accounting skills to keep meticulous records of heroin shipments around the UK.

Bukhari was the mastermind behind a massive drug dealing operation worth up to £7 million. But his detailed ledger provided detectives with a crucial insight into the extent of his operation. Bukhari kept a set of books that any accountant would have been pleased to work with. They contained in-depth profit accounting as well as detailed stock control and sales data. Returns were also detailed in the books as was a coding system for disguising telephone numbers.

At the time of his arrest, Bukhari and an accomplice, David Edwards, were already under surveillance from SOCA for trafficking heroin. They were caught in May 2010 after handing over a holdall in a Small Heath street. Detectives found a firearm and ammunition, notes on drug dealing and counterfeit banknotes. The police then raided Bukhari’s home and discovered the incriminating ledger.

Bukhari is already in jail serving a six and a half year sentence for possessing the fireman and will no doubt face a longer stay at one of Her Majesty’s prisons when he is sentenced next month for money laundering and conspiring to supply heroin.

Six members of his gang have already received sentences ranging from five years and three months to fifteen years after pleading guilty to conspiracy to supply heroin.

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