Can you learn to be an accountant by watching videos?

Budding accountants may be interested to learn that there are now a lot of organisations that offer online distance learning courses.

ACCA has recently said that all of its professional accounting examinations will be available online to meet the ever changing needs of the workplace.

The London School of Business and Finance currently offers all the ACCA courses online, along with web-based revision aids, at costs between £180 and £430 depending on the paper taken.

Kaplan Financial also offers a range of professional qualification and degree courses for AAT, ACCA and CIMA members as well as the Certificate in Finance, Accounting and Business endorsed by the ICAEW.

ACCA and CIMA qualification courses and materials are also available from BPP and are backed up with MyStudy, a web-based support resource.

Accountants overseas are taking even more adventurous approaches. Tim Burns, an American practicing tax lawyer, has launched an iPad/iPhone application called the Accounting Whiz Kid. It’s a free application and features a bespectacled hero who presents accounting concepts in a series of basic videos. Although this will not be of interest to many contractor accountants, it has captured the attention of the knowledge on demand zeitgeist.

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