Accountants need more health related benefits

63% of accountants feel their employer should be doing more to support their health and wellbeing, according to research findings from Sovereign Health Care.

In the past 12 months, 55% of accountants say their stress levels have risen and 68% say that stress has contributed to work-related illnesses.

Russ Piper, the chief executive of Sovereign Health Care, said morale has been dented by salary freezes and increased workloads. 53% of accountants would be prepared to change jobs if a better benefits package was on offer, even if their new job did not offer an increased salary.

Piper went on to say that accounting practices should review their benefits packages and be more supportive when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their employees. This counteracts to some extent the added pressures in the workplace and should result in happier, more productive and highly motivated employees.

Staff from 2,000 UK companies participated in the survey and nearly half of all the managers questioned said they did not fully understand the benefits packages that were offered to employees.

Meanwhile, accountancy jobs are not growing as quickly as those in the rest of the financial sector. The latest data from eFinancialCareers showed a 150% quarter-on-quarter leap in new posts focusing on equities whilst opportunities in professional services such as accounting only grew by 9%.

Employment in the City is up but is rising at a slower rate than it did last year. There is some growth in professional services and this suggests the wider employment market is starting to benefit from the City’s recovery.

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