MYOB accounting software to shutdown on 31st December

Users of MYOB software may want to consider changing to a cloud computing service so that their online accountant can access their accounts remotely.

MYOB accounting software will stop working at the end of 2011 after the UK arm of the company was bought out by Mamut is 2008. Mamut has continued to support MYOB software for the past two years but will deactivate the products on December the 31st.

Mamut’s UK country manager, Bryan Richter, pointed out that customers have been given four years notice in which to change their software and many have already done so. However, some are bound to wait until the last minute.

He went on to say that Mamut appreciates the shutdown may cause disruption for customers and it is trying to minimise the impact. People using Mac computers are able to upgrade to a more recent MYOB version at a discounted price, but Windows users will need to change to a different software.

One user said his business had been offered free Mamut software providing he purchases a year’s software support.

Whatever option businesses choose, there will be widespread disruption when company files are disabled. These are not small applications, the software forms a critical part of an enterprise’s operation.

In theory, UK customers could purchase the Australian version of MYOB, but this is not really a feasible option because it does not account for VAT or any of the UK/EU tax regulations. It is not clear how many people will be affected by the shutdown. When Mamut took over MYOB in 2008, there were 20,000 active UK users of the software.

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