When will more accountants join the Twitter revolution?

Elaine Clark, the MD of CheapAccounting.co.uk recently spoke to attendees at the CCH conference about the way social networking has helped her business grow.

CheapAccounting aims to provide cost-effective accounting services to small enterprises through the use of online accounting software and consultations with accountants.

Ms Clark is a great believer in Twitter and thinks all online accountants should be tweeting. However, from the response of the audience it seemed that not many contractor accountants are willing to embrace social media to the extend Clark has.

Not to be perturbed, she told her audience that social media is a way of interacting with people on a much larger scale than traditional networking. Cheapaccounting is now focusing on growth and the two main objectives are to attract and retain clients and attract accountants and other finance experts to join her franchise operation.

She went on to tell delegates that she did not indulge in offline marketing because that was what suited her operation best. Instead she posts blogs and has a presence on professional networking sites to build up credibility and contacts.

Her blog posts are written in easy to understand English, rather than accountant speak, so that they appeal to her target audience. She then tweets the blog and picks up new clients. After one recent blog about the tax benefits of incorporation, she picked up 20 new clients.

One member of the audience suggested leaving social networking to the marketing department, a statement that met with horror from Clark. Leaving marketing staff to answer questions on accounts is a recipe for disaster, she replied.

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