Chartered accountants launch new tax rates app for i-phone

Busy accountants in London may be interested in a new tax application recently launched by Haines Watts.

The Basingstoke firm of chartered accountants is thought to be the first to come up with an app providing continuous, instant access to all the latest UK tax rates for users of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices.

Contractor accountants could find this extremely valuable when they’re on the road or visiting clients as it contains the latest rates for car and fuel benefits, capital gains tax, corporation tax, income tax, National Insurance and VAT.

Barry Potter, a partner at the firm, said that any measure to streamline accountancy and make it faster and more efficient has to be good news.

Instead of using the Internet via a laptop or PC when you want to find out tax rates, or walk around with a hard copy tax rate card, the new app lets you access tax rates wherever you are.

This is both a cost saving and an environmentally friendly solution as it reduces the need to produce reams of printed cards.

The tax application is free and can be downloaded from the App Store on the company’s website. Haines Watts will be monitoring the number of downloads and if the product is as successful as they think it will be, it will invest in the development of further applications to help business owners.

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