Accounting software for those who know zilch about accountancy

A lot of freelancers and small business owners know nothing at all about accountancy. This of course is good news for accountants.

However, a new accounting software offering aims to take the pain out of book keeping. FreeAgent is a web based application that has been created by a company in Edinburgh. It’s obvious that the developers have spent a lot of time trying to produce a service that is user friendly and easy for non-accounting people to use.

One of the problems with a lot of accounting software packages is that they are full of accounting terminology, which is fine for contractor accountants but no good at all for Joe Public. FreeAgent is written in straight forward, easy to understand English. Charts and graphs plot income, expenditure and profit and it’s a doddle to create estimates and invoices. The system also has a time tracking feature so you can accurately record the amount of time you spend on each job. Furthermore, the app tracks out-of-pocket expenses and keeps pace with overdue invoices.

You can try FreeAgent on a 30 day free trial after which a small monthly fee is charged. UK users can be assured that the system supports British tax laws and it even offers a real-time projection of your end of year tax liability.

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