Tax accountants can now find all the data they need in one place

Contractor accountants may be interested to learn that LexisNexis UK has announced that is launching the Tolley®Library, a new service enabling tax practioners to find a wealth of taxation information easily online.

The system comprises multiple platforms and tools which can be easily navigated through a user-friendly interface. The Library was built specifically for, and in consultation with tax accountants in the UK.

It is vitally important to have quick and easy access to taxation information. Accountants and tax advisers are under a great amount of pressure to meet tight deadlines. The TolleyLibrary will reduce some of this pressure by enabling users to conduct all their research in one place.

The project is the result of years of R&D to provide a solution to support the modern busy tax practitioner.

Taxation is becoming increasingly complex and practitioners require access to numerous individual compendiums of information in order to operate efficiently. The Tolley®Library brings these all together in one place.

LexisNexis tax director, Chris Jones, said the Library has been developed with the needs of the accountancy profession in mind. The company understands the need for quick and easy access to reputable information and that is what we have strived to provide with this online product.

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