Do contractor accountants yearn for a permanent position?

Contractor accountants may want to consider taking on a permanent role after the latest KPMG/REC report on jobs highlighted a lack of finance candidates.

The UK currently has a shortage of candidates to fill permanent positions in finance, engineering and IT. This shortage means that suitably qualified individuals could well receive higher than expected salaries.

Full-time employment is now increasing for the first time in over 2 years. It is also possible that this will lead to a reduction in demand for temporary and contract workers.

Over the past 18 months, an increasing amount of people have turned to self-employment. In January of this year, there was a rise of 2.9% in the number of people deciding to set up on their own.

Meanwhile, HMRC has published additional information on the timetable for the implementation of its Real Time Information scheme. The pilot scheme will go ahead as planned starting in April next year for volunteer employers and software developers. All employers will be required to use RTI by October 2013.

Real Time Information should simplify the PAYE payroll end of year process for both the Revenue and employers. It will also ensure employees who change jobs pay the correct amount of tax and remove a lot of the uncertainty that has led to mistakes in the Tax Credits system. Furthermore, RTI will support the Universal Credit when it is introduced in October 2013.

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