HMRC tops the poll as the UK’s most inaccurate biller

One of the polls no organisation wants to win is that of sending out inaccurate bills. Guess who topped the most recent survey? Not the energy suppliers who have been voted the worst billers in recent years, no, the accolade this time round goes to our very own HMRC.

The Revenue said that almost 6 million people paid the wrong amount of income tax through the PAYE system last year due to the incorrect tax coding fiasco.

The research was carried out by YouGov on behalf of Nearly a third of respondents said they had received an incorrect bill from their energy provider in the last couple of years and 10% said the errors had happened on more than one occasion in the same period.

A spokesperson for said in excess of 10 million households ended up unexpectedly owing money to energy companies following discrepancies between estimated and actual bills. The average liability was £147.

The problem of inaccurate bills blights both householders and accountants. Trying to resolve these problems takes time and effort and hard pressed businessmen would much rather be running their company than wasting precious time phoning energy suppliers and HMRC.

In these days of computer technology, it’s amazing that so many organisations cannot get their invoicing right. There’s a vast choice of accounting software out there to help. But then again, computers are only as good as the people who input the data.

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