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Archive | April, 2011

Tax evasion in Switzerland could soon be a thing of the past

Contractor accountants should be aware that tax evasion in Switzerland could soon be a thing of the past. It is thought that the UK and Swiss governments are close to formalising a disclosure agreement.

Why do British SMEs shun the cloud?

Accountants may be interested to learn that British SMEs lag behind their European counterparts when it comes to adopting cloud computing, according to the results of a new survey.

iXBRL filing has proved to be a nightmare for some firms

Online accountants may be interested to hear about the successes and failures businesses have encountered in the first month of iXBRL filing.

Accountants debate the value of SME audits

Banks will not want to finance SMEs if they are exempt from auditing regulations, warn some financial experts.

When is a resident not a resident?

Accountants may not be aware that the statutory residency test announced by George Osborne in his March Budget is currently causing some confusion.

How can baby boomer accountants in London retire comfortably?

Baby Boomer accountants in London who had hoped to retire at the age of 65 could find themselves having to work longer if they want to have enough money to maintain their current standard of living.

City workers contribute £11 bn in NICs and income tax

We hear a lot about the huge bonus payments made to workers in the City but accountants in London may be interested to discover that workers in the City pay the same in taxes as the whole population of Scotland.

Channel islands VAT loophole should be closed say lobbyists

Last Saturday, April 16th was Independent Record Store Day and online accountants may be interested to learn that lobbyists used the occasion to ask the coalition to close a VAT loophole that lets large businesses undercut the smaller independent stores.

Accounting software for those who know zilch about accountancy

A lot of freelancers and small business owners know nothing at all about accountancy. This of course is good news for accountants.

EC VAT proposals would lead to higher prices on zero rated items

The Institute of Directors has attacked proposals by the European Commission to get rid of some reduced rates of VAT.