Sage revamps its Instant Accounts accounting software

For a long time Sage has been the leading manufacturers of accounting software for medium sized businesses in the UK.

However, it’s a different story when it comes to software for sole traders, small businesses and online accountants. Cloud computing is becoming increasingly popular with this group of users and Sage itself recently launched SageOne into the cloud.

For small businesses that have not yet jumped onto the cloud, Sage has revamped their Instant Accounts package. Sage claims the software, which is designed for small businesses and start-ups, is now easier than ever to use. The firm even claims that you do not need accounting knowledge to use it.

The program handles the common business tasks including invoicing, sales and purchasing but it doesn’t handle purchase orders. There is also a comprehensive list of reports including a VAT management system that will submit returns directly to HMRC. It all supports the flat rate VAT scheme whereby small businesses can calculate VAT based on percentage of turnover.

Instant Accounts doesn’t have a full stock control system although you can record stock items. You also can’t record both product sales and services on the same invoice. The program does allow you to generate recurring banking entries so you can record things like regular direct debit payments but it doesn’t generate a recurring invoice.

The jury seems to be out as to the value of this offering. Whilst good in some areas, it seems to be sadly lacking in others.

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